Tuesday, February 7, 2012

It Had to be You

Who’s cool enough to be born on Super Bowl Sunday??? Oh, yeah… that would be you.

Who’s handsome enough to be called “Handsomeness”??? Well, EVERY woman knows that’s YOU!!

Who’s sweet enough to be born just a week before Valentine’s Day?? Um hum… must be you.

Who’s man enough to fall 26 feet on his head and survive??? Oh, I KNOW that’s you!

Who was fast enough to catch me and make me his bride??? Hummm… that could ONLY be you!

Who’s wonderful enough to inspire every person he meets??? Nobody but you!

Who’s blessed enough to be married to the most amazing person in the world??? Well, now THAT would be ME!!!

Happy Birthday, Handsomeness!! Today I celebrate how AWESOME you are! I’m so glad God chose to put you in this world 53 years ago. When He did, it became a much better place.


P.S. Last Sunday marked 5 years that you looked Death in the face and laughed; and I am thankful every day that you chose to keep on breathing. Who’s tough enough to do that??? You, baby, ‘cause that’s just how you roll!! I love walking by faith with you!!!

Happy Birthday!

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