Tuesday, September 7, 2010


Here's a thought... The Bible says that the gifts & callings of God are "irrevocable"--or "not ever gonna be reversed". So (you might be wondering) what does that have to do with ME? Well, it very well may have more to do with you than you think.... Let me put it into perspective.

Do you ever struggle to hear God's voice? To follow His lead?? To fulfill the purpose He has for you??? If you said, "Yes", then that means that the Devil is fighting against you--with all of his might--to keep you from hearing God's voice, following His lead, and knowing & fulfilling the purpose God has for you. How do I know that? Well, you see, God has designed you with exactly the right equipment (aka gifts & talents) to find and follow and fulfill His purpose--His destiny--for your life. Then why is it such a struggle? Because the Devil seeks out those whom God has chosen (that would be YOU), and seeks to destroy their lives. He wants you to think that the gifts you've been given are to be used for you own purposes and to fulfill your own dreams and desires. Hummmmm...

Have you ever stopped to wonder why the most talented, "gifted" people on earth don't seem to be seeking God or trying to follow His will? That's because the Devil (that old snake) seeks out the most gifted, the most talented for himself.

So, I ask you again, are you struggling? Are you having a hard time hearing God's voice and following His lead?? Well, maybe, just maybe it's because YOU are one of the 'chosen ones'...one of those to whom God has given amazing gifts and talents...one that the devil fears that if you ever begin fulfilling your destiny, he will be sunk. Remember, the devil seeks out those to whom God has given the most gifts & talents. Then he pursues them with all his might, seeking to recruit them into his labor camp.

Are you struggling? Don't give up! The devil has big plans for your life, but so does God! "Choose you this day who you will serve..."


  1. You've got lots of wisdom, pretty lady.
    Thanks for sharing it.You always inspire, encourage and uplift me. Thanks!